Sunshine Machinery Co., Ltd. is established by a professional technology team. our company has research and develop complete powder-packaging-machine, liquid-packaging-machine, medicine-packaging-machine, paste-packaging-machine, food-packaging-machine, candy-packaging-machine, tea-bag-packaging-machine, tea-leaf-packaging, oem-packaging, screw-packaging-machine, tea-leaf-packaging, granule-packaging-machine. The brand has established its footholds in each main country. Sunshine Machinery company runs business with the concept of "Customer supremacy and Best quality". In spite of continuously raising the quality of the machine, we also put our emphasis and efforts on innovation. We pursue the perfection and enthusiasm for our customers which has made our company into the symbolic of high quality. We select the electronic controlling spare parts from the internationally well-known factory regardless of the high cost. It makes the production-line operation much easier, and also provides the fluency and stability for machine running. The operators could completely control every single function of the machine in the shortest time without any professed knowledge background. It would not only greatly reduce your cost disbursement, but also enhance you in the competition of production ability.
  SP-203L / SP-204L
Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine for Liquid
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  Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine for Liquid
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For packaging liquid and paste products. such as shampoo, ketchup, jelly, toothpaste, cream, honey etc.
01. This machine is ideal for packaging various liquid products.
02. Employs German photocell sensor for accurate control of bag length.
03. Employs Japanese thermostat for fast heating and superior performance.
04. The parts through which liquid flow are manufactured from stainless steel or Teflon, conform to
  sanitation standards.
05. Convenient, fast adjustment to suit various bag lengths.
06. Accurate volume filling achieved by precise piston pump.
07. Built with anti-drip device to prevent contamination by sticky flow of material.
Model SP-203L SP-204L
Bag Shaper
3-Side 4-Side
Film Width
60 - 160 mm
Bag Width
30 - 80 mm
Bag Length
50 - 120 mm
Packaging Speed
40 - 80 bags/min
Volume Range
2 - 30 ㏄
Hopper Capacity
20 L
Power Source
AC 110V 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
1.35 KW
Machine Dimensions
Case Dimensions
Machine Weight 320 kgs
Shipping Weight 430 kgs
*All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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